Hi, I’m Sarah Katherine and I develop high performing leaders.

About Adastra Talent Partners

Adastra Talent Partners was formed to better support people managers and executive teams through holistic training and development. Acknowledging that leadership teams are the critical piece to an organization’s success, Adastra Talent Partners views people as humans and an organization’s most valuable asset. We bring over 12 years of experience in Human Resources, Leadership Development, and Coaching with a focus on creating high performing teams.

Adastra Talent Partners focuses on the unique qualities of people and organizations to foster genuine relationships and deliver customized solutions. Development and coaching is personalized to each individual and organization, ensuring alignment with the company’s vision, mission, and values. Your goal is our goal and Adastra Talent Partners is a strategic partner to help your organization reach its North Star.

There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.

– John Maxwell

Integrated Solutions to Develop Your Leaders

Change Management

Change is constant. How an organization moves through change greatly impacts the employee experience and ultimately the success of the business. At Adastra Talent Partners, we are passionate about helping teams and leaders move through change thoughtfully.

Building Trust

Trust is the foundation of a high performing team. Without trust, there can be no constructive conflict and egos get in the way. At Adastra Talent Partners, we believe in the power of building relationships grounded in trust – with your peers, your direct reports, and within your executive team.

Diversity & Inclusion

In today’s world, Diversity and Inclusion education is a business imperative and having a diverse and inclusive workforce is about acknowledgement, acceptance, and appreciation. Diversity and inclusion can be a sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable subject and the goal of Adastra Talent Partners is to create safe spaces of mutual respect and understanding.

Effective Communication

Managing others involves leveraging both verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. Spoken words can have just as much impact on a peer or direct report as your unspoken communication style. A conscious awareness of how you and others communicate greatly impacts your ability to get the most from your team.

Management Fundamentals

Individuals new to people management shouldn’t be expected to just figure it out. You must equip your people managers with the tools and training needed to succeed. Adastra Talent Partners couples foundational training in performance management, coaching, communication, and HR knowledge so that new people managers can excel in their role.

Resonant Leadership

Understanding your own Emotional Intelligence is a key component of management and leadership. Resonant leaders are self-aware and manage their emotions in order to motivate and drive results with their team. At Adastra Talent Partners, we believe a high emotional intelligence is achievable through education and conscious practice in EI fundamentals.

Organizational Architecture

Designing your leadership team and identifying key functional areas can be challenging as you’re building a team in growth mode. At Adastra Talent Partners, we believe organizational design follows organizational strategy and effectively aligning your people resources is key to achieving your goals and objectives.

Culture Due Diligence

There is a gap in today’s due diligence process for PE and VC firms and it’s a big one. If the hypothesis of engaged employees equals engaged customers which ultimately equals revenue is true (and we wholeheartedly believe it is) then an assessment of people and culture is a critical piece that’s missing from today’s due diligence process.