Investing in L&D Early

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down to blog as I really hit the networking hard in late December and January to get the word out about Adastra and the work we’re doing. I can’t thank my network enough for showing up for early morning coffees and lunches all over the Triangle – being with like-minded individuals is really what fuels me to build a wildly successful consultancy!

Along my journey I was introduced to an organization that is growing rapidly, building their leadership and executive teams, and grooming future leaders. Not only have they signed on to be my first client, but they’ve become a standout organization in my mind for their focus on culture and growing their people. This organization has grown from 15 people to 40 in just six months and that’s a lot of new talent to inject into an organization. What’s great is that they’ve done it thoughtfully – hiring for skills, knowledge, and abilities with a focus on hiring diverse talent that aligns with their culture and core values.

What I find unique about this organization is not only their steadfastness in hiring to a set of key tenants, but also their early commitment to equipping their current and future leaders with the knowledge and tools to manage for results. Over the next 1.5 months I will support a group of 17 managers and future managers in their journey to set SMART goals, align expectations, delegate effectively while empowering their people, and have meaningful coaching and feedback conversations. I’m so excited to share some impactful tools and frameworks to help them be successful in their critical role.

However, before one can manage others, one has to manage one’s self so we’ll start by strengthening our emotional intelligence and building trust with one another, two key components of successful leadership. We’ll talk about motivating the elephant and directing the rider (see Chip and Dan Heath’s book Switch) so when we shape the path for the team, they aren’t going in circles. We’ll dive into Covey’s 13 Trust Behaviors and building character and competence behaviors that drive trust with their teams. And we’ll talk about change, because change is what makes managing people difficult.

For early stage companies, investing in learning and development may seem like an overwhelming commitment from a budget and resource perspective. But it doesn’t have to be. Adastra understands your L&D goals must be achieved because the strength of your leadership team can make or break your organization. I’m looking forward to supporting this team and others as they seek to differentiate themselves through growing and building their people!

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