What’s Your Approach to Coaching?

I received this question recently and my answer seemed so basic at the time: I meet people where they are. I’ve been fortunate to coach leaders and managers on both a personal and professional level, but my approach doesn’t begin much differently. It’s really about creating space for whatever is top of mind for them and then working to understand the root of where it’s coming from.

Leaders and managers bring their own challenges to a coaching session, sometimes wanting to be told how to solve a particular problem, but oftentimes just looking for validation. Coaching isn’t necessarily about validation of a particular solution, but getting individuals to rewire a pathway of preconceived notions or ways of doing things to think bigger. To think about their role and sphere of influence. Space to process and truly think is the greatest gift a coach can grant someone.

When you meet people where they are, the important things seem to surface in a really organic way. It’s not contrived or veiled, but genuine. I think it breaks down any walls that may be there initially and forces an honest conversation. From there, the true work can begin.

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